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Made in France, une porte ouverte sur le monde francophone
Made in France, an open door to the French-speaking world

About Us

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Made in France, an open door to the French-speaking world

Made in France is a vibrant community guided by the belief that language, art, and culture are powerfully interconnected. Its mission is to celebrate, promote, and share the French language and Francophone culture with anyone who might be interested — French speakers or Francophiles, teens or adults.


Made in France is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that offers various activities, including French classes, guided tours, and art workshops. Since 2016, it has also been publishing , a magazine that provides a bridge between the Francophone community in the Pacific Northwest and the rest of the French-speaking world.

Le Mag’ fr@ncophone is published quarterly and distributed electronically to more than 2,000 Made in France members, and in print form at targeted cultural events, such as BOOOM! Comic Arts Festival, Children's Lit, Seattle’s French Fest and events organized by the French-American Chamber of Commerce. It is readable online here.

Pénélope Smith


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Julie Luc Di Salvo

Vice President

Frédéric Joseph

Co-founder & Treasurer

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Sylvie Joseph-Julien

Co-founder & Director


Audrey Denoyers

Communication Manager

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Romain Joseph