School Supply

Made in France School

Teen Classes


For students in grade 6th to 9th

Dates & Times

Wednesdays 8 a.m.–9:15 a.m.

OR 4 p.m.–5:15 p.m.

AND Fridays 4 p.m.–5:30 p.m.

French Classes

66 classes for 90 hours of instruction

from September 2020 to May 2021



For 66 classes with 90 hours of instruction: ​

Early Bird registration by June 30th: $2,700

For registration after July 1st: $2,900


Deposit due at Registration: $450

Remaining balance payable in 1, 4, or 9 installments

Made in France offers students French classes to solidify their knowledge of the French language, culture, and literature.

They will get an education not only in the French language, but also in French history and the arts. This approach will allow students to acquire real knowledge of French culture and to familiarize themselves with specific grammatical topics through different literary themes.

This curriculum follows some of the benchmarks set by the French Ministry of Education.